Our History

Our church has always been a spirit filled, prayer focused and Jesus praising group of worshipers. 
When Richard Elrod started the church in 1977, he built it on the book of Acts model. He preached the same message that the apostle Peter preached in the first church service ever. It is found in Acts 2:38 of the bible. The message preached was to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and God would fill you with the promised gift of his Holy Spirit!
This life changing message has transformed countless lives for the better and has set people on the path to heaven!
Thomas Hulsman continued to preach that same powerful message when he became Pastor in 1992 after founding Pastor Richard Elrod felt the call of God to move to St. Petersburg Florida.  In 1997 Gary Wagner became our Pastor and has continued to preach the same life transforming message of Acts 2:38 that his elders before him preached!
Over the years The Sanctuary Church has had many twists and turns. Starting in Pastor Elrod’s home the church then moved to Gordon Street and eventually settled on Ash Street.  Pastor Elrod had plans to build a new church on Rt. 185 and purchased the property.  The Lord had different plans so a new building didn’t happen.  After many discussions The Sanctuary Church sold the property on Rt. 185 and purchased another building at 8527 North County Rd. 25A here in Piqua where we currently worship every Sunday and Wednesday.
When Pastor Eldrod began the church it was named First Piqua United Pentecostal Church later it was renamed Piqua’s Pentecostal’s
As we made the move into our new location it was decided to rename the church once again. Now we are simply known as, The Sanctuary.
Why, The Sanctuary?
The Sanctuary is a safe place, a place of refuge and peace. It is where so many important things happen in the lives of people and especially Christians! 
Our babies are dedicated in the sanctuary.
We are born again in the sanctuary.
We get married in the sanctuary.
It is in the sanctuary that we hear God’s word.
In the sanctuary we find strength and comfort. 
Many times the sanctuary is the place where the final words are spoken over our lives. 
“The Sanctuary” is a place to experience the awesome presence of God!
Everyone needs “The Sanctuary” We want to be that place!



Pastor Gary & Mary Wagner










What we believe:

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